"Life Natura" Area

LIFE is a financial instrument set up by European Community in 1992 focused in wildlife preserving initiatives (LIFE nature), other environmental initiatives (Environment LIFE) and other activities regarding the environment of countries outside the EC (LIFE Third World).

The “Dune di Piscinas - Monte Arcuentu” project involves four sites of Community Interest mainly located around the town of Arbus. The area covered by the project includes a wide set of sandy hills with juniper trees; the area is home for the Sardinian Deer, the Sea Turtle, the Land Turtle, the Golden Eagle, the Peregrin falcon and other rare species. Offices have been settled to provide information for those visiting the area and guided tours lead visitorss to discover many precious environmental resources: the Piscinas Sandy Hills are one of the widest spots of this kind in Europe and the “Sardinian Deer” (Cervus elaphus corsicanus) is there with a presence accounting to the 10% of the world population.

dune di piscinas, monte arcuento

Part o f this area is also included in the Environmental Historical Geo-mining Park of Sardinia recognized by the Unesco as one of the world heritage sites. The two projects deal with environmental and historical values of the area making visits a charming experience. There is a chance to enter the Montevecchio and Ingurtosu mines that, during the 17th century, were at the forefront of the technical development in the mining field. Today these sites are coming back again as the fulcrum of new economical initiativesof the XVIII Mountain Common “Monte Linas”.