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The farm is nicely located at 10 kilometres from the high sandy hills of Piscinas along the Costa Verde (the Green Coast) and it is surrounded by some beautiful mountains where the culture of good food and hospitality will mark your quiet and stimulating holidays. 

The farm covers an area of 62 hectares and mainly operates in the cattle breeding field. 

Breeding of horses of various species is run together with the breeding of sardinian-sheep and other animals. Cultivations are mainly oriented towards feeding the cattle in the farm and include forage and oat, fruit trees and greens.
Part of the milk produced by the local cattle is processed within the farm to be offered to our guests. 

Farm premises are composed of a large sheep-stall (capable of hosting up to 200 pieces), a milking-hall, a laboratory for making cheese and ricotta-cheese, an horse stable and a horse-racing ring.

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Our guest are hosted in two buildings: the first has a large kitchen and a dining room where you can enjoy typical meals together with our family - composed of father, mother and two daughters: starters, soups, cheese ravioli, saffron lamb, baby-goat cooked in the Arbus-way (with a dried tomato, olives and capers dressing), roasted meat with mediterranean flavours; traditional pastry like the formagelle (a typical Sardinian pastry made of cheese or ricotta-cheese), all made from natural products of our farm.

The second building includes eight bedrooms providing 16 beds. Four bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom while the remain four share two bathrooms. A wide hall gives our guests a chance to meet other guests, to read and watch TV. Furnishing - in modern style - is simple and functional.

All around the farm you can feel the passion of mr. Gianfranco: horses. The farm, member of the Italian Federation for Horse-Riding Sports, own a whole country-obstacoles racing field where regional championship are usually held.

Guests can get horse-riding lessons from Elena, the elder of the two Corona sister. Regional cooking classes, typical pastry classes and milk-processing classes are also held within our premises.

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