Leisure and surroundings

horse riding Sardinia

The Green Coast region, where the farm is located, includes the beautiful landscape of the “LIFE Natura” area and of the Geo-mining park: the ideal place for those aiming to either have a short trip or an all-day long excursion exploring still preserved natural beauties.  

Horse riding excursions 

Guests are guided by the elder daughter Elena through their first steps in horse-riding and through relaxing rides in the nearby area and along the Sandy hills of Piscinas. 

Cooking courses

Those of you willing to learn the traditional Sardinian cooking can access our cooking courses held at our premises and dealing with products coming from our farm. 


The idea of School-farming comes from the desire of our company to pass some knowledge to younger generations by letting them experience the typical daily activities run in a country farm in accordance to the requirements coming from the schools requesting the service.  

Dog teaching area

Our premises also include areas for teaching dogs on how to hunt their preys.