Geo-mining park

geo mining park Sardinia

Aiming to keep the huge human, historical and cultural heritage coming from the ancient mining tradition of Sardinia - especially during the last 150 years - the Region of Sardinia started an integrated plan to convert these sites toward new destinations of use.

The plan is based on the transition of the area to new ways of development according to an ecological-friendly attitude.

The heritage coming from the mines includes important economical and social achievements and a wide area covered of production sites that gained Sardinia a world class position both on the technical and the economical sides.

During summer ’97 a report has been submitted to the Unesco with the intent of obtaining an official recognition of the values kept by this area. The report was set by the Region of Sardinia to get an international status for the “Environmental Historical Geo-mining Park of Sardinia”.

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The proposal for the Region of Sardinia was given an “excellent” rating from the Unesco General Assembly held in Paris on the 12th November 1997. During the same event, the Geo-minig Park of Sardinia was declared to be the first member of a worldwide network of geo-mining parks.

On the 30th July 1998 the Unesco subscribed the official act in recognition of the Environmental Historical Geo-mining Park of Sardinia.